Help for People with Diabetes

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Almost 18 million Americans have some form of diabetes. A new report finds that 63 percent of them do not control their blood sugar levels. Brenda Soblesky, a Certified Diabetes Educator at Ingham Regional Medical Center, sees 500 new clients every year, and isn't shocked by the statistic.

"Diabetes can be a silent disease. When people don't see the signs or feel the symptoms of it, they tend not to check their sugar levels often and don't know if they're in good condition or not," said Brenda.

"There is no clear cut guideline as far as how often you should check it, but that's why it's important to team with your doctor to determine how often it should be checked. "

She also recommends people meet with a dietitian at least once a year to help with meal planning and to visit a podiatrist once a year to check for circulation problems that could arise. Peripheral Arterial Disease can often lead to amputations if it's not detected early.

"Education is important. It's not just the medication that can help people with diabetes. It's medication, well balanced meals and exercise that need to be implemented."