New Michigan Quarter

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Governor Jennifer Granholm and hundreds of Michigan school children were on-hand Monday for the unveiling of the new Michigan quarter. The quarter depicts both the upper and lower penninsulas, as well as all five great lakes. The quarter has been eagerly awaited by collectors. It is the 26th addition to the 50 State Quaters Program. Michigan was the 26th state to join the union 167 years ago Monday, on January 26, 1837.
School children all recieved a free quarter at the state capitol.. Collectors were able to purchase them in ten dollar rolls. They will be available at Capitol National Banks until Wednesday, when they will become available at most banks. Hundreds of people lined up to be among the first to get the new coin.
The Michigan quarter is the first new quarter of 2004. Florida's quarter will be presented in March. This is the fifth year of the ten year quarter program. By 2009, all fifty states will have a representative quarter.