Meijer Plans Restructuring

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Meijer, Incorporated plans on announcing a restructuring plan Saturday, and it could include drastic lay-offs. Employees tell News 10 Friday that department managers are being layed-off at stores across Mid-Michigan. Each Meijer store has between 40 and 42 departments, and estimates are that lay-offs will mean a reduction of 15-20 positions per store. Managers are expected to be notified Friday and Saturday.
Reports say the chain decided to restructure after consultants hired by Meijer told executives managers could handle up to three sections. If 15-20 positions are lost per store, that could mean 3,000 jobs chain-wide.
A spokesperson for Meijer, Inc. declined to comment on the lay-offs, but says restructuring plans will be disclosed Saturday. Employees and shoppers leaving the Meijer store in south Lansing say that lay-offs were taking place inside the store.