Common Ground Wraps Up After Six Days

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After performances from Smokey Robinson and The Calling, Common Ground festival coordinators started tearing down the scenery. They say they hope to have everything back to normal by Tuesday.

Kevin Meyer is the vice president of Meridian Entertainment - the group responsible for Common Ground. He said he expects a total of 11,000 people will turn out to Common Ground on Sunday. Since the turn out has been so great over the last few days, he said, the group might make a profit this year. If it does, it will be the first year that happens.

Coordinators won't know whether or not they made money on the festival for another few weeks, but they say they are cautiously optimistic.

Next year, they hope to have the same activities and some new attractions. Coordinators said they are looking into big name bands, but they will seriously consider the cost of bringing those bands to Lansing. Coordinators said they don't want to raise the price of tickets next year, but some fans said they'd be willing to pay a little more money for a great show.