Lansing Budget

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Lansing continues to fight the battle against the budget crunch. The city is facing a budget shortfall of more than $1.5 million.

A loss in state revenue sharing funds and a dip in income tax revenue is forcing the city to make cuts. As part of Mayor Tony Benavides' proposed budget, the city is looking at taking more than $500,000 from the sewer fund. It plans on paying back the money with $100,000 each year.

Some city council members are worried they won't be able to keep that promise. As a result sewer bills would rise for Lansing residents. Another item of debate is leaving five more general positions vacant throughout the city.

Some argue the 65 vacant spots right now are too much and anymore would hurt city services. The council has approved all the proposed budget items except for this one. Council is asking the mayor to find other ways to balance the budget.