Low-Carb Craze

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Just like the low-fat craze in the 90s, we're seeing more low-carb foods on store shelves and in fast food chains. Fast food chains like Subway, Mr. Pita and Burger King offer low-carb menus, and there are plenty of items in your local grocery store that can help you stay away from carbohydrates.

But diet experts warned us that low-fat foods may not have as much fat as their regular counterparts, but what they had in them was more processed sugar, which could explain why Americans had such a hard time losing weight. They were eating more of them and not increasing their activity.

Registered dietitian Cheryl Martin worries people will do the same with low-carb foods.

"The reason low-carb diets work is because if you eat a lot of meats and fats, it tends to decrease your appetite. But if you add more low-carb breads and pancakes, you're gonna dump on those calories just like you did on a low-fat diet," said Cheryl.

"Losing weight is a matter of eating less than you need for energy. your body doesn't care where those calories came from."

Low carb foods often replace the carbs with more soy protein and sometimes fat. Cheryl says you must read labels to make sure the fat that is put in is not saturated fat.