New Prescription Legislation

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State lawmakers introduced legislation Thursday that they say would level the plyaing field between local pharmacies and mail-order companies. As it stands, some patients recieve a better price on prescriptions when they mail-order them. And some are required to mail-order by their benefit plans. Local pharmacists say they have seen a decrease in business. And, they say, patients often recieve better care when they are able to deal directly with a pharmacist.
The new legislation would make the price comparable between mail-order and pharmacy prescriptions. Lawmakers say it would be a t no cost to employeers, but it would keep an estimated two billion dollars in the state of Michigan. Money lawmakers say is necessary when the state is facing drastic budget cuts.
Lawmakers also say many patients prefer to get their prescriptions at the pharmacy instead of waiting for them to arrive by mail, and they want to increase choice and competition in the market.