Low Carb Fad

With millions of Americans on high protein low carbohydrate diets, manufacturers have been quick to provide what the public wants. An array of low carb products are now available from fast food to fine cuisine, but are they worth the extra money you may have to pay for them.

From Atkins to South Beach, it's a diet revolution and food sellers are cashing in. Within the last year alone hundreds of new low carb foods have been introduced. From grocery stores to fast food restaurants, the carb counting craze has transformed how many Americans eat.

Burger King is offering Whopper hamburgers minus the bread. Holiday Inns are rolling out a low carb breakfast menu. at 7-11 stores, instead of a slurpee and candy bar, you can now choose from 50 low carb snacks.

Marketers who study diet trends say they've haven't seen anything like this one in decades. King Soopers a mainstream grocery chain has added more than 200 low carb items like bread and cereal.. At Wild Oats Health Food Stores a major marketing campaign makes it easier to find low carb choices... The store even provides a shopping list of foods with less than 10 grams of carbs.

But a study of food and weight loss for the University of Colorado Human nutrition Clinic, shows that maybe some of the manufacturers are taking advantage of the fact that consumers are a little confused about the whole low carb deal.

Researchers found that you pay more, sometimes more thn double the cost for low carb items. And they found that anything can be called low carb, there's no regulation. Researchers have seen products that are really low carb and some products with 40-60% carbs that are advertised as lowcarbs so right now it's a little bit of buyer beware when shopping.

Customers counting carbs, mean food providers will continue to count profits. More than a dozen chain restaurants are now breaking down the nutritional values of foods on their menu. This yearsales of low carb products are expected to top 15 billion dollars.