President Bush’s Job Grant Proposal

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Both Lansing Community College (LCC) and Jackson Community College (JCC) are excited about the prospect of receiving money promised to them by the President in his U.S. State of the Union speech. Some administrators are skeptical of how helpful the grants will be.

LCC says the grant money for job training may go towards in demand careers like: Health, information technology, biotechnology and alternative energies.

The school also says the grant could help instruction in manufacturing jobs.

JCC is more skeptical on the issue, however, saying no school knows the details at this point.

The Jackson school expects a nationwide grant of about $120 million. If that grant is spread over the estimated 1,200 U.S. community colleges that amounts to about $100,000 per school.

JCC also isn’t sure if that’s only a one-time payment and may not continue in years to come.

President bush plans to unveil the details of his plan at a community college in Ohio on Wednesday, Jan. 21