Michigan Ave. Getting a New Name?

Tim Court/Peter Mclean
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"Meet me down on Michigan Ave"-- it certainly has a ring to it. But Duane Vernon says "The Avenue of Michigan: The Gateway to the Capitol" sounds even better.

And he's urging city council to give Michigan Ave. that brand new name.

"It'd be a great thing to have a special street for the state capital. There should be only one Avenue of Michigan," Vernon says.

"The Avenue of Michigan: The Gateway to the Capitol" is Vernon's brainchild. He brought the idea to the city council and says it wouldn't be difficult to implement.

"I spoke with the postmaster and he wrote me a letter saying they'd have no problem delivering mail to Michigan Ave. or Avenue of Michigan," Vernon says as one example.

Doug Finley owns Chroma Salon on Michigan Ave. He says changing his address-- which would have to happen at some point-- would bring unnecessary complications for his business.

"All of our marketing materials are brand new," Finley says, citing advertising, yellow page ads and Internet sites. "We'd have to change all those things."

And besides, he's not impressed by the proposed moniker: "It seems like kind of a long name."

A long name that councilmember Carol Wood is debating as well. She thinks giving Michigan Ave. a new name is a frivolous idea that would cost the city and businesses thousands of dollars.

"The timing's not right," Wood says, referring to the city's long list of to-do's, including balancing a budget.

Vernon still maintains Lansing should glorify it's main street. But he adds that there's no rush to make these changes; the street will always be there, no matter the road city council decides to take.

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