Heart Station

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In a diagnostic procedure called echocardiography, or an ultrasound of the heart, Cardiologist Dr. James Schafer says, "With different probes, these can be applied to the chest and examination of the heart, looking at the valves, looking at the heart function."

It's just one of the services available at the new Heart Station located inside of Hayes Green Beach Memorial Hospital.

"Instead of driving all the way to Lansing or doing cardiac rehabilitation multiple times a week say, it's much more convenient to do it here in the hospital."

HGB in partnership with Thoracic Cardiovascular Institute unveiled the 200-thousand dollar facility Wednesday. An expansion of the Cardiology Clinic, the station will continue to provide patients with routine diagnostic services. But new procedures including ultrasounds of the abdominal aorta and kidney arteries have now been added.

"Patients need access in order to get the best health care they can get. It's difficult to travel for some of our patients, and they'd prefer to have it here at the hospital," says HGB President & CEO Matthew Rush.

With the new HGB Heart Station conveniently located just 50 feet from the parking lot, patients with mobility problems can now get to their appointments more easily.

Ed Jamros suffers from a heart condition. He lives in Potterville and says, "It's real convenient for me. I come here for everything else, they draw my blood here which is monthly and it'll be real convient for me."

A new beginning focused on the heart.

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