Let the Mud-Slinging Begin

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Republicans compare Granholm to a rock star, she says her opponent has been part of the problem and doesn't deserve to be elected. So begins the race for governor between Dick Posthumus and Jennifer Granholm.

The state GOP chair says this race must be run on the issues and if it is run on 'persona' the GOP will lose. That's an admission that Ms. Granholm has charisma and voter appeal based in part on her image.

Posthumus took after that issue prior to a rally in Novi.

"This is not a race for senior class president, she has gone to acting school and look it, I admit I have not. My bag is not making a splash with an audience. My bag is leadership," Posthumus said.

Granholm has faced the charisma issue before. Last November during the first debate with her Democratic opponents she was asked if she had it. She answered she didn't know.