Atkins Diet

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The popularity of the Atkins diet is forcing stores and restaurants to cater to Atkins dieters.

At Subway in East Lansing, Atkins friendly wraps surfaced on the menu two weeks ago. Employees say the new items gives customers more of a choice.

L and L food centers have also jumped on the marketing bandwagon. They started stocking their shelves with Atkins friendly items six weeks ago. A store director says customer demand will have them bringing in more products.

The craze has the food industry changing the way it markets to customers. Signs can be seen in many store fronts advertising items with low carbohydrates.

The Atkins diet is a protein based diet, where people stay away from carbohydrates, fruits, and dairy products. Dieticians say they would recommend a modified version of the diet. Dieters would eat a mixed low carb diet.