Travel Trouble

Winter Traffic
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In what look-liked a fog of snow, commuters made their way down US-127 at rush hour. The pace was about 50 mph.

The roads were salted, but they were slick nonetheless, and law enforcement reported dozens of small accidents because of it.

"It just sucks, I hate driving in it," Jason Kelly told us, as he waited at the Park and Ride off Holt Road for a friend, dreading the drive to Grand Rapids.

"I have a class at Grand Valley," Kelly said.

The Ingham County Road Commission started the snow maintenance as soon as the snow started to fall, but blowing snow made roads more difficult to keep clear.

There was trouble also at the Capital City airport, where weather in Chicago delayed or grounded flights for much of the day.

"Not the first time," laughed Carissa Mahoney, of the problems.

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