CrimeTracker 10

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Lansing City Police are looking for people that may be involved in two separate incidents that took place Monday night.

A cash register was stolen from Blimpie on South Pennsylvania Avenue around 10 p.m. Police say an employee came back to close the store and found the cash register missing. No one was in the building and nothing else was taken.

The second incident occurred a few hours later at a Speedway gas station on South Cedar Street. Police say a Hispanic male put items on the counter then said he didn't have any money to pay for them. He went out to his vehicle and waited for customers in the store to leave. The suspect then went back into the store, said he had a gun and robbed the gas station.

These two incidents come just after several arrests were made in other cases involving break-ins and robberies throughout the city. If you have any information regarding either incident please contact the Lansing Police Department at 483-4600 or the Detective Bureau at 272-7485.