Legislators Criticize Corrections Dept.

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Several state senators are asking the Michigan Department of Corrections to work more closely with neighborhoods where prisons are located. This comes after the escape of 41-year-old Ervin Brown from the Mound Correctional Facility in Detroit on January 2nd.
Brown was serving a life sentence for the 1989 murder of Martin Rodriguez. Officials say his small size allowed him to slip through a crawl space and a gap in the razor wire.
But the Michigan Department of Corrections says there is no need for residents near prisons to worry. The department says an investigation into Brown's escape will be complete in several weeks. Spokeman Leo Lalonde says the department has an excellent record when it comes to escapes. He says this is the first escape from the Mound facility.
Brown was caught last Tuesday in Montana, after commiting several crimes. Montana authorities say they will not be pressing further charges against Brown, who is awaiting extradition back to Michigan.