Sheriff Opens Cold Cases

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The Ingham County Sheriff's Office Cold Case Task Force will be looking into a number of cold murder cases going back as far as 1968. Sheriff Gene Wriggelsworth announced Thursday the task force will begin looking into the 1986 murder of 54-year-old Bonnie Vanvalkenburg. She was found stabbed to death in her home on Aurelius Rd.

Police say the advances in technology allow them to examine old evidence using new techniques, including DNA testing.

In addition to sheriff's detectives, Meridian Township, MSU and state police are also involved in the task force. It was established a year ago after the successful resolution of another 1986 murder. David Draheim was convicted of raping and murdering 36-year-old Jeanette Kirby as she was jogging in Delhi Township.

But new technology isn't the only method police are using. Sheriff Wriggelsworth is asking anyone with information into the murder of Vanvalkenburg to call the sheriff's office.