Day Care Giver's License Suspended

Hot Car
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A mid-Michigan day care giver's license was suspended after she left three children inside a hot car while she went shopping.

The Michigan Department of Consumer and Industry Services issued the complaint, and it alleges Angelina West of Lansing, ran her family day care home improperly.

The complaint states West admits leaving three childcare kids, ages one, two and three in the car on July 3 while she shopped for clothes. Police say she was shopping at the Edgewood Plaza in Lansing at the time.

She says she left the keys in the ignition and the windows rolled down. As of July 10, West is ordered not to operate the day care at her Edgewood Blvd. apartment in Lansing or any other location.

Lansing police say the kids were left alone for about 15 minutes in 90-degree heat. Witnesses alerted police to the case and are in the middle of investigating this incident.