"Clothes" Out for Coolwaves

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An East Lansing clothes store will be closing its doors by next month, after being open only a year. Coolwaves on Grand River Ave. opened its doors last February. Since then, managers say business has not been good.

The store sells boutique-style clothes from Miami's South Beach. But even with a young crowd of students that the store is catering to, managers say the business is losing too much money.

Coolwaves is one of several stores in the same location that has not been able to make it in the space. Coolwaves managers say the city of East Lansing is partially to blame, saying the city doesn't do enough to advertise and market the downtown shopping district.

The city says it was unaware that Coolwaves is closing, saying the city is aggressive in trying to keep businesses downtown, and to bring in shoppers. The city has a management board for the downtown area, and that board helps businesses with loans, advertising and marketing.

Coolwaves will start a liquidation sale on Saturday. The business has six locations in Michigan and is also planning to close the Traverse City and Marquette locations.