Three Men Now Charged in Lansing Murder

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Three men were arraigned in an Eaton County Court on charges of home invasion, kidnapping and homicide. One of the three admitted to stabbing a victim in the case.

Mario Martinez-SantaCruz is one of the now three individuals charged in connection to the abduction of Lansing’s Obdulia SantaCruz as well as the murder of her boyfriend – Jose Brindez.

During the arraignment Martinez-SantaCruz through a translator admitted he had stabbed one of the victims.

Prosecutors would not comment on the statement made by Martinez-SantaCruz but said it may be used in court down the road.

A preliminary trial date of January 14th is set for the three men.

The prosecutor’s office also charged a 16-year-old minor with the same crimes.

As of now she will be tried as a juvenile.