Granholm Takes Democratic Primary

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The race was tight for a long time, neck-in-neck in polls just weeks before the election. But in the final weeks, Attorney General Jennifer Granholm began to pull away.

By Tuesday night, Granholm was walking away with the primary race, and pundits were calling it early on.

Granholm said the race was competitive and perhaps a bit too combative for voters to handle.

"I think that perhaps people were fed up with all of the negative stuff they were seeing," said Granholm to News 10 Capitol Correspondent Tim Skubick Tuesday before giving her acceptance speech in Detroit.

However, at least one competitor didn't think the so-called negative attacks were a factor.

In fact, former Gov. Jim Blanchard said the negative campaigning didn't really even exist.

"That's just hocus-pocus...Every time there was any criticism, we had Granholm supporters and apologists in the media saying, 'Oh, you shouldn't criticize her', " said Blanchard Tuesday night.

Granholm will now face off against Republican candidate Lt. Gov. Dick Posthumus in the November election.