A Blackman Township Man Has New Hope for the New Year

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Greg Hicok was diagnosed with Primary Lateral Sclerosis, a rare form of Lou Gehrig's Disease, several years ago and has been confined to a wheelchair for the last six years.

Unable to walk or work, Greg slipped into a deep depression that even medicine couldn't save him from. Doctor's had exhausted their resources and had no other options until Greg's neurologist suggested electroconvulsive treatments for his depression. By the second treatment, Greg's state of mind was improved and so was the muscle flexibility in his legs. Slowly, but surely, Greg was able to walk again and doctors credit it to the electroconvulsive treatments.

While Greg's doctor says his outcome is exciting, it is uncommon. The treatment is not a cure for a neurological disease even though it seems to be working in this case. Greg's nuerologist is preparing to report his findings in an upcoming medical magazine.