Most Dangerous Counties for Drunk Driving

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As Michigan State Police and local authorities increase patrols for the New Year in hopes of cutting down on drunk drivers. A 2002 study, however, shows what certain counties may be at most risk.

When looking at drunk driving per 100 miles of road, Ingham County has the worst record of all major counties in mid-Michigan.

For every 100 miles of road in 2002 the county has about eight injury accidents involving alcohol.

F/ Lt. Gary Nix, Lansing State Police post commander says that he’s not surprised by the statistics saying that Ingham has the busiest roads in mid Michigan.

Lt. Nix says that looking at accidents per 10,000 may be a better way to evaluate counties, however.

When looking at drinking accidents involving injury per 10,000 residents, Clinton County is the most dangerous.

Sgt. Robert Sipple of the Clinton County Sheriff’s Dept says that number is due in part to the traffic that heads up north and the sometimes-dangerous roads.

He says higher speeds and more dirt roads contribute to alcohol injury related accidents.

He further says that more total accidents can be found in neighboring counties.