The Sum Of All Fears

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It's called the Active Incident Team or Active Incident Training. Officers getting ready should a gunman begin firing in a building with civilians... like a school.

Sgt. Steve Releya heads the training... and says every LPD officer goes through it. If the call were to ever come in, whoever arrives first goes in because it takes too long to get a tactical team together. Most active violence situations are over within 20 minutes.

When they go in, they go in with a minimum of four officers in diamond formation. There's a point man, two flanks and a rear guard. They maintain a 360 degree formation because they are going into unsecured and often unknown areas.

They only go in as a last resort when it's become obvious people are already being shot and or killed. They're sole mission is to take the shooter out.

The Columbine tragedy in 1999 gave widespread attention to the threat... and it was driven home again last year by a shooting at a rural Amish schoolhouse in Pennsylvania.

The department has been issued rifles... more accurate than handguns. And while they've never had to put the practice into real-life action... they still train. And hope they never have to.