Remodeling Undone: Part Two of A News 10 Investigation

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(Information on how to file a complaint or look up a company appears below.)

We met Nicole Jones five months ago. Like so many homeowners, she wanted to remodel her bathroom.

"To make it look new," she told us.

Jones called us after hiring American Bathtub Reglazing to refinish her tub. Just days after the work, the finish began to chip.

She called the company -- also known as A-1 Bathtub -- and made several appointments for someone to come back and fix it. But no one ever came and she thought she was out $225.

"Actually, I even gave him a $5 tip, which I regret now," she told us in September.

Today, the tub looks even worse. It's been more than a year since the problems began and Nicole still can't use her tub for a bath.

"It's not very comfortable, I mean, you're getting scratched," she said.

We brought her case to the Michigan Attorney General and this week the office called us with news that could mean Nicole's problems are over: After receiving more than two dozen other complaints, the Michigan Attorney General's office is taking legal action.

"We've given them a short period of time, 10 days, to try and get this issue resolved," spokesman Rusty Hills told us. "We want them to stop the bad conduct and reimburse or make good on those problems consumers brought to their attention."

And if they don't?

"We've got the option to take them to court," Hills said.

It's good news for Jones and bad news for American Bathtub.

"The clock is ticking. The company is on notice. We want satisfaction on behalf of the customers that have been taken advantage of," Hills said.

Nicole says she of course wants to see her own tub fixed or to get her money back. But she now says it's a hassle that can be avoided -- by checking out a company before you let them in to your home.

"I learned a lesson in this and I hope someone else can too," she said.

To look up a company or to file a complaint:

Better Business Bureau of Eastern Michigan

Michigan Attorney General, Consumer Protection Division