Weather Headache

Some people rely on the weather forecast but others rely on their head, or what's going on inside. There maybe a connection between the weather and those migraine headaches people receive.

For one migraine sufferer she'll tell you she's good at predicting rain, and she doesn't need a visual. It's all in her head, quite literally it starts with an aura. But soon after having each aura she would get a severe headache.

In one study researchers at the New England center for headache found 51 percent of migraine sufferers were sensative to weather patterns. Doctors say it can be any change in the barometric pressure and it's felt that that may change either oxygen levels in the brain or serotonin levels in the brain.

The patient can't avoid the weather, but she can avoid other triggers, such as chocolate and lack of sleep. This migraine specific medicine Maxalt has also made a difference. She takes one as soon as she feels one coming on. This medication one of several that are making a quality of life difference for sufferers.

Behavioral therapy too is very important to help manage stress another trigger. There are many triggers for migraines. It's important to know yours. Common ones are alcohol, chocolate and caffeine.