Church Flu

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The Catholic Church is just one of many religious denominations that uses a common chalice during its services, but at a time when so many people are coming down with a cold and the flu, some health experts don't recommend the sharing of eating and drinking utensils.

"If you drank after someone else, that's gonna’ be one way to get a virus. But then again, anyone in a crowded room could just inhale what's spread around the room, so it's up to how much it means to you, at a time when so much is going around," Dr. Eric Olson, Ingham Regional Medical Center.

The U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops has contacted the Centers for Disease Control regarding the issue. The CDC does not recommend the church abandon the tradition, although they recommend they practice proper precautions like wiping the sides of the chalice after someone has sipped from it.

The church also asks that you be considerate to other worshippers.

"If you're sick, don't come to church, but if you are sick and do come, don't drink from the cup." Michael Diebold of the Catholic Diocese of Lansing.