A Flight to Life

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Mike Burye of Haslett suffered a seizure while at work at the Lansing Capital City Airport in September. Doctors diagnosed the 53-year-old air traffic control specialist with brain cancer.

Co-workers rallied around Mike and his wife, Karen by calling the Volunteer Mercy Pilots. The program has been around since 1986, and has flown people with special medical needs free of charge.

Mike will be heading to Duke University in North Carolina on a plane that ensures the cabin pressure will remain similar to the pressure at sea level.

"Pressurized aircraft decreases the cabin pressure which makes it safer for Mike and less risky for Mike to get blood clots," said Mary Schwaderer, friend and co-worker.

If you know of someone who has special medical needs and could use the help of the Volunteer Mercy Pilots, or you would like to volunteer your services, call Ken Osman at 517-627-4719.

Meanwhile, there are four other groups around the state, and several others around the country that do similar missions