Lawmakers Can't Promise School Cuts Won't be Made

Budget Cutting
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While lawmakers say they don't want to cut funding, they can't promise it won't be targeted.

"We are working as hard as we can to avoid that and until we come to the conclusion that we can't succeed, I won't comment on that just yet," said democratic Speaker of the House Andy Dillon.

Both parties looked at possibilities for increasing revenue or cutting programs during Tuesday's Budget Boot Camp. And while many solutions were discussed lawmakers on both sides of the aisle say they don't know how they're going to avoid education cuts.

House Republicans said they've been committed to protecting educational funding for years and this year's budget crisis won't change that.

But the people who crunch the numbers for Michigan's school districts tell us lawmakers need to produce results... not platitudes.

"What we're dealing with right now is the lack of a steady stream for school funding," said Dave Martell.

Martell of the Michigan School Business officials said districts have reached the breaking point because of years of state cuts.

"There comes a point where you just can't do anything else but throw up your hands," Martell added.

Students who took part in the budget boot camp say whatever this year's solution is... we need to overhaul education funding in Michigan.

"We really need to find a solution so schools have stability and can have confidence that there will be money the following year," said high school senior Margaret Mitchell.

Money that both parties agree is a crucial investment... but money they just can't find yet.