Retailers Set for the Release of Windows Vista

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It's the first windows system released in nearly six years, but Microsoft Windows Vista has finally hit the shelves. Experts say the new product has raised the bar in the industry.

"The vista is very exciting, very new."

Exciting, yet efficient says Comp USA Vista Pro Bruce Gailey.

"It's going to increase security, increase performance, increase a lot of things that XP was lacking," Gailey said.

The new security features include parental controls that allow parents to restrict Internet usage time for their children. Web sites can also be blocked as well as inappropriate video games. But with all the bells and whistles, will users have to purchase a new computer?

"If you've just purchased a computer within the past year or so there's probably no need to buy a new one just for Vista," Gailey added. "The Vista upgrade is going to be just fine."

Those upgrades will cost between $100 and $200. And once it's installed you can begin using the new features.

The media center allows you to hook up your PC to your television and record your favorite shows. Vista also brings new "eye candy" as Gailey calls it.

"You can see three dimensionally what's going on."

But new programs sometimes have glitches.

"There are always going to be problems with something new. You might have problems hooking up to your old printers."

Windows Vista comes in four editions with Microsoft Office 2007 being released simultaneously and sold separately.