Good Health Increases Student Performance

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Jackson County public schools have implented a program called the "Coordinated School Health Program, " developed by Superintendent Dr. Pat Cooper of McComb County Mississippi.

"What we found is that when we bring in the physical education, when we bring in eating more nutritious food, when we bring in the fact that we have more nurses and therapists available to out kids, all of these things serve to enhance attendance, serve to enhance for our kids to learn, and our teachers to teach, and ultimately enhance our scores too."

The model consists of eight health components including things from health education to nutrition services. In Jackson County, schools have been applying nutrition services for three years. And MEAP scores have gone up by 25 percent since that time says Jackson Public Schools Superintendent Daniel Evans.

"They took away all candy, all sugar and carbonation. The more we take that out of school, the more behaved the kids are, the more focused they are."