Nursing and Pharmacy Scholars Program

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In an effort to address the nurse and pharmacist shortage in the area, Ingham Regional Medical Center, the Lansing School District, and Lansing Community College have started a program to get students started early in health care careers, specifically nursing and pharmacy.

Students must successfully complete an introductory class and then apply for the program. They are then trained as either nurse's aides or pharmacist assistants; giving them work experience while they're in school. Their scholarships cover tuition and fees for two years at LCC, and then later at either MSU or Ferris State.

Students are guaranteed work as well. They must work at least two years at Ingham Regional Medical Center, but program coordinators hope that two years turn into a lifetime.

"Investing in students is investing in the community because if they work here, go to school here, then hopefully they'll stay here," Linda Gardner, Ingham Regional Medical Center.

Some students say the program is intense, but worth it because they're pursuing their careers.

"It's a lot of work, but it teaches you more than just medicine ... It teaches you how to communicate with patients in everyday situations," Amber Hinton, high school nursing intern.

For more information on the program, call the Human Resources Office at Ingham Regional Medical Center: 517-372-6031.