Protesters Head to Washington, D.C.

Iraq War Protest
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"We're going to Washington D.C.," said Ann Francis as she rallied the more than 100 Mid-Michigan residents protesting President Bush and his plan to send more troops to Iraq.

"We need to make a statement and a stance against it.," said Erik Nelsestuen.

"Too many innocent lives have been lost," Francis added.

While the president moves forward with his plan to send more troops to Iraq, some protesters refuse to back down.

"I think he needs to know as strong as he is our resolve is just as strong and we're not going to go away until there's peace in Iraq," said Francis who organized the trip.

That's why their challenging Congress to step in and take action.

"What congress can do is significant," Nelsestuen said. "They can stop the funding and really change this war. If we can convince them it's a worthy cause to go down there.

But others are fighting a battle closer to home. Elizabeth Jesse is fighting for her son, Army Sergeant Michael Kelly. He's already completed one tour in Iraq and is scheduled to be deployed again in the coming months.

"It's a horrible thing to go through everyday when your child is there," Jesse said. "I just want to be able to do something and not sit on my butt."

As they board the bus for the nearly 12 hour journey, they're optimistic about achieving their goal... and Francis said they won't stop until their mission is accomplished.

"We will be here until our troops come home."