"Celebration of Life" at MSU

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The Michigan State University Veterinary Clinic held its first ever "Celebration of Life" Friday, reuniting pets with the vets who saved their lives.
More than 30 cats, dogs and their owners attended the event. All of the animals came to the clinic with severe, life threatening injuries. The event gave the vets the opportunity to see the animals' progress. It also gave pet owners the opportunity to thank the vets who saved their pets lives.
Vets at MSU say pet owners are willing to go farther and farther to save their pets life, saying pets aren't only animals, but a member of the family, almost like another person. Many of the pets on hand Friday were referred to MSU after their primary vet could not handle the injuries. Vets say MSU is one of only several facilities in the state with the ability to handle severe animal trauma.
The Vet Clinic also gives vet students the ability to learn in a hands on environment, and interact with the families of the pets.
MSU plans on making "Celebration of Life" a yearly event.