A Tougher Approach to Tagged Homes

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The City of Lansing will tag problem homes differently, add four new code enforcement officers and hopefully, charge property owners a monthly fee until they fix the unsafe conditions.

The most visual, at least at first, will be the new tags. Red tags will continue to mean unsafe, yellow stands for substandard and green means the property lacks the required utilities. The three color classifications will be rolled out beginning Monday.

Jim McCue, Lansing's Chief Code Compliance Officer, says it's simply a management tool that, paired with a new database, will help with tracking and monitoring.

Four new code enforcement officers, who will work strictly on tagged homes, are in the process of being hired.

Pending council approval, a new $100/month fee will be charged to property owners until they fix unsafe conditions.

Mayor Virg Bernero has been vocal about cracking down on tagged homes. In the 2006 calendar year, 388 dwellings were untagged and made safe. Currently, 579 homes remain tagged. That's less than one percent of the city's housing units.