Flu Alternatives

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While there is a scramble to find the flu vaccine around the country, some are taking a more Holistic approach.

The lines are long for the conventional medicines flu answer, but there are some who choose another route to dealing with the latest flu surge. Many patients are relying on their doctor’s prescription, a combination of conventional western medicine with natural alternatives.

For the Alterna Integrative Medical Center, doctors are not just treating flu symptoms but the whole person. They say that being stressed out, and being around sick people can make you more susceptible to getting sick.

There are actions you can take to boost your immune system. Eating healthy is a start, whole grains lose the caffeine, alcohol and sugar, can help. And if your family can stand it a garlic clove a day goes a long way towards boosting your immunity, but the key to the holistic treatment is herbal teas.

Slipper Elm, mullin and also finnegreek are herbs that help soothe irritation and inflammation so they're great for sore throats and coughing.
Echinacea is good too, at least a cup per day, one per hour if you're already suffering.

Doctors say that it's important to note that preventative measures won't always stop the flu. They suggest that before jumping into any sort of aggressive holistic type of therapy that you consult your regular doctor.