Marshall State Farm Closing

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For more than 50 years the Marshall State Farm Regional Office has been a part of the city. Thursday, officials announced plans to close the office in approximately two years.

About 200 Marshall residents will be displaced as a result. State Farm Officials estimate that of the 200, about 70 general workers may have jobs in Kalamazoo, MI. The remaining 130 workers (underwriters) may have to move to W. Lafayette, IN.

City officials estimate if workers move from Marshall the revenue loss would be in the hundreds of thousands, and could be detrimental to the school system and hospitals.

Both the city and State Farm are working together to find a new tenant for the building.

Despite the news, Marshall believes that State Farm has gone about closing the business in a methodical and dignified manner. The city says this is demonstrated by the business giving many workers about 24 months to make a transition to a new job in perhaps a new