Sexual Assault Suspect in Custody

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It was a crime that rocked the neighborhood and struck so deep neighbors met in November to form a neighborhood watch.

Deputy Chief Matt Heins says, "The suspect's name came up early on as a person of interest," and two months later, police have a 16-year-old in juvenile detention they'll ask the prosecutor to charge for a sexual assault near Loomis Park. He now in the Jackson County youth home on unrelated charges. An associate led police to him after a traffic stop on Tuesday.

Police tell us their suspect met his victim--a 16-year-old girl-- and 3 male friends at the park. He then forced them at gunpoint to a nearby garage. That's where they say he sexually assault the female before releasing the foursome.

"I'm just relieved....glad to see a next step toward closure," says the area's city councilman, Bill Mure. He lives in the heart of the neighborhood and is hoepful the neighborhood soldiers on with plans for a neighborhood watch launced in November.

Kim Schafer now heads a neighborhood watch and says, "I think that is one prominent crime...but there is a lot going on I think neighborhood watch would be beneficial for."