Spiral Eliminates Hip Hop Night

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Managers of the Spiral Night Club in Lansing will stop Hip Hop Night after bullets wounded three people early Thursday morning.

Tom Donall, Spiral's owner, said it's unfortunate three people were wounded in his club's parking lot after late night Hip Hop festivities inside the club. However, he said, the club had nothing to do with the shooting, and it is a safe place to be.

Donall said he and the staff would shut down the club this Wednesday in order to discuss alternatives for Wednesday night festivities. He said Retro Night might be the best replacement for Hip Hop Night, which usually draws 120 people to the club.

Donall said the club rarely experiences violence. On occasion there is some fighting, but it quickly resolved, he said.

Club patrons said they still feel safe, and they will continue attending the club on various themed nights. The club also hosts a Gothic Night and a College Night.