Webberville Seeking Bond

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Tracy Carr isn't planning to vote for a school bond that would allow the Webberville School District to use 6 and a half million dollars for school improvements.

"Our children's education is being held hostage," the mother of two Webberville resident said. "I will not be manipulated into voting for something with parts that i don't agree with."

The bond would provide state of the art science laboratories and replace the nearly 50 year old equipment.

"We want to upgrade our science labs and not only support traditional sciences like physics and chemistry, but also the new sciences that are crucial to global economy," district superintendent William Skilling said. "Biochemistry, biotechnology, and nanotechnology."

It's not that aspect that Carr has an issue with, but rather other improvements like a school museum and an historical classroom.

"If you take out the museum. If you take out the 1912 replica classroom, i may consider it." she said.

But even with those aspects included, Carr and all other taxpayers won't have to shell out an extra penny.

"Their tax bill will not increase," said bond committee chairman Scott Gardziella. "It extends the debt for the school, but it doesn't increase the millage so citizens won't notice any increase in their tax bill."

The district has already had success with two bonds, one in 2002, the other in 2004. This one would enhance those projects, like adding new sports fields, parking spaces, and tightening security.

"We knew a big part of what we've done with those bonds has attracted more families and more students to this school district," Skilling said.

That means more revenue. About half a million dollars worth in the past few years. Skilling and others in the district are hoping this bond will follow suit.