Norovirus Strikes Again

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The doors are shut and locked, the parking lot is empty, now that Tendercare South nursing home is under quarantine after more than 20 residents and workers displayed classic symptoms of Norovirus.

Tendercare South administrator Lyndon Johnson says, "The residents are being kept in their rooms. We're trying to not have a lot of group activities."

"It's in the community. We know that this is the time of the year that we will see more Norovirus in our community."

Natasha Davidson, of the Ingham County Health Department, says while winter is typically Norovirus season, the illness is now being viewed as a year-long threat. That's one reason why the health department is rarely confirming outbreaks with laboratory tests.

"When we know there's an illness in the community based on the clinical symptoms, we can address it as if it is a confirmed case."

Last year in Ingham county there were two confirmed outbreaks of Norovirus and two unconfirmed ones. Eaton county saw four confirmed instances. And Jackson county confirmed two. While the elderly and the young are the most vulnerable, everyone is still susceptible.

"Wherever there's an episode of illness, you need to cleam and sanitize the are where that happened. Because it's the sanitation that will help kill the virus."