MSU Students Design a Bike

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Riding a bicycle is pretty easy for most kids, but when a child has unique needs the act can be difficult if not impossible. That used to be the case for a Lansing boy, but now his dream of riding a bike by himself has come true.

Brandon Cassel was given a brand new bike today during Michigan State University's semi-annual Design Day. The bike was custom made by Engineering students for the little boy, who because of the rare bloodstream infection meningococcemia lost parts of both of his hands, all of his root foot and some of his right leg. A prosthetic helps him run and walk but it doesn't allow for bike riding. As part of a semester project, the students made Brandon a bike he could ride.

The bike wasn't the only thing on display, more than one hundred projects ranging from the simple, like cams and gears, to the complex, like problem solving, were featured.