Atkins Holiday

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Marcia Ferris credits her 50-pound weight loss to reducing her fat and carbohydrate intake, but can she keep it off during the holidays?

"Absolutely. Food is there, but it's not the reason you gather together for the holidays. If you choose the right foods, and even if you indulge, but get back on right after the day, you'll be fine," said Marcia.

But some dietitians who don't recommend a low-carb diet, say the advice for Atkins dieters is what everyone else will hear:

"Watch your portions. If you are following a low-carb diet, and you want to eat potatoes or something, just go for small portions. If you eat ones with the skin on it, you'll even get more fiber. Also keep in mind that alcohol has a lot of calories and carbs in it too, so limit your intake of that," Cheryl Martin, Registered Dietitian.

And now, carb counters are getting help from some popular restaurants. TGIFriday’s will unveil its Atkins Menu on Dec. 9. Nine dishes have a limited amount of carbs and the menu will tell you how much.

But even with restaurants giving low-carb eaters help year round, it's around the holidays that some health experts say many fall off the low-carb wagon.

"They tend to sneak the carbs in, but still eat the large portions of meat and fat, and they eat too many calories and gain the weight back even faster," said Cheryl.

Ruby Tuesday’s also has a low-carb menu, while Applebee's has teamed up with Weight Watchers. So no matter what diet you're on, if you indulge this holiday season, there are some restaurants that are making an effort to help you lose weight.