Traffic Barriers Back Up, This Time for Good

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The plastic, orange and white barriers are back up in Lansing's Genesee Neighborhood. The hope is they will deter crime by changing the traffic flow.

Three years ago, the city put them up for three months. It was experimental then, but they're up for good this time. Two deaths, in one week earlier this month, prompted the action.

Ruth Hallman, President of the Genesee Neighborhood Association, says she's happy something is finally being done. She says her neighbors noticed a big change when the barriers were up before.
"I had people come up to me and say I could actually walk down the street to my neighbor’s house and I've never been able to do that before," Hallman says.

The barriers are up in two areas. You will no longer be able to turn right onto North Sycamore Street from Saginaw Street. You can't turn right from Pine Street onto Lapeer and you won't be able to go through Lapeer Street driving west from the intersection of Pine and Lapeer.

The temporary, plastic barriers will be up until at least mid-March. The city will wait out the winter season and then construct something permanent.