Teachers Negotiations Tentative

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Teachers in the Lansing School District have been working without a contract since August. They met Friday to hear a contract proposal that union leaders say is the district's last best offer.

That proposal could be problematic if the "worst-case scenario" plays out in the state budget. Lansing could lose as much as $3.2 million dollars.

"I guess the board reserves the right to revisit that because it was predicated on "if's," says Guillermo Lopez, the school board president.

LSEA president Jerry Swartz says, "If the state cuts us short then we as a district will have to wield together, but the issue we've been dealing with for 6 to 7 months...is about what we're doing locally."

He's hopeful it will not affect negotiations that seem to be progressing.

The union saw the specifics of the proposal that is currently on the table. They'll vote January 22-26. It would not be binding. The bargaining team can then decide how to proceed with the proposal.