Home Invasions

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Since early October, there have been at least 23 cases of breaking and entering in Clinton County and authorities say its more common this time of the year.

A rash of home invasions in southwest Clinton County has neighbors keeping a close eye on their surroundings.

Even though investigators believe they have captured the suspects responsible for those crimes, many residents are still uneasy about the safety of their homes.

Authorities say the holiday season is the prime time for criminal to break into homes because many residents are shopping, going to holiday events, or have their homes stocked with expensive gifts.

They say most of these crimes happened during the daytime at secluded homes in rural areas.

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Home Invasion Protection Tips

  • Make sure that both your front and back door are made of solid wood or metal. Install one-way peepholes at eye level.

  • Reinforce all doorframes so that your doors can't be kicked in. Your local locksmith can offer advice.

  • Keep your doors locked and windows secured, even when you're at home.

  • Cover windows and glass doors with security film or install Plexiglass on the inside. Both materials are very durable and can withstand several blows before collapsing.

  • Prune or remove trees and shrubs that hide your windows and doors from view or give criminals places to hide.

  • Criminals like working in the dark; so leave lights on, both at the front and back of your home. This will only cost you about $0.75 a month.

  • Make sure your outside lights are out of reach. Protect bulbs so they cannot be broken or removed.

  • Install motion sensors and keep them activated.

  • If you live alone, try not to let anyone know. Make your home appear as though many people live in it. Put out toys and work boots in the yard.

  • Change your routine. Don't be predictable.

  • Keep a cordless phone handy when at home in case you need help or spot something suspicious.

  • Get a dog. Or keep a dog dish outside your door and place a Beware of Dog sign in the yard.

  • Consider getting an alarm system. Make sure it works properly, and teach everyone in your home how to set it and cancel it properly. Talk to friends who have alarm systems.

Source: www.pssg.gov.bc.ca/publications/home_invasion/ contributed to this report.