Fat Sushi

You may think you're eating healthy when you step into that trendy sushi restaurant. But this traditional low fat, low calorie cuisine is getting an American make over.

Most people who eat sushi say they enjoy it because it's low calorie. But this traditional Japanese cuisine is getting some American flair. Traditional sushi includes only raw meat and rice. But it takes some getting used to for American pallets.

Now many places are frying the sushi. It's a way sushi chefs are making the cosine edible to a variety of diners. Of course being fried it tastes good, but calorie wise it's not a good deal.

One dietician says traditional sushi can be low in cholesterol and high in important omega-3 fatty acids. But now popular sushi rolls come with mayonnaise, cream cheese and avocado, which add to the calorie and fat count.