MSU Employees Brace for Cuts

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The Coalition of Labor Organizations at Michigan State University (CLOMSU) hosted a forum on impending state cuts in funding for the university. Jobs and the quality of education were the central focus.

The state of Michigan must cut about 900 million from the budget; as a result colleges can expect less state aid.

CLOMSU represents 10 unions comprising about 7,200 workers.

CLOMSU Chairperson, Wayne Cass anticipates about a 98 million dollar cut in funding. He says that the university can’t take that budget hit, cut more workers and expect to have the quality of education stay high.

As a result, Cass says a second consecutive tuition raise may be necessary to accommodate the state-funding shortfall.

MSU’s President, Peter McPherson, did not say tuition cuts would happen at this point, but said the current anticipated shortfall could mean jobs and programs cut.

The school believes the budget picture will be clearer when state legislators agree on funding for colleges sometime in December.