Put Out by Power Outage

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Packing up, and shelling out for a hotel room--it was the solution for hundreds of the thousands without power Monday night. The last of the last rooms at the Baymont Inn and Suites sold out around 4:30 pm.

Many of these patrons were just glad to get a room, after finding neighboring hotels along US-127 already full.

"We're getting a generator for heat, a few lights in the living room," says Tanya Deladurantaye. She and her husband and their 5 kids were toughing it out at home.

Meantime, the South Central Michigan chapter of the American Red Cross put together one other option for people who are truly in need of a warm place to go--a shelter at the First Presbyterian Church at 743 Michigan Ave.

Cots, toiletries, and donated water and snacks are all free of charge for as many as they can accomodate, for as long as Jackson remains in the dark and under this troublesome sheet of ice.