Winter Storm Pummels Jackson

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Traffic lights are out, trees are toppled and power lines are down as Jackson recovers from the ice storm.

"Statewide, more than 50,000 people are affected by the outages, and in Jackson, more than 22,000 are still without service," says Consumers Energy spokesman Terry DeDoes.

DeDoes says scenes like this one will be the norm this week with Consumers Energy crews working around the clock, locating downed electric lines and restoring power.

"All customers should have their power back on, some as late as Wednesday," DeDoes says.

It's the ice that's the problem; it's weighing very heavy on tree limbs, which are falling on lines and breaking them. The damage is so widespread that Consumers Energy has called for backup.

"We're expecting 150 crews from Ohio and Indiana to come in, too," says DeDoes.

It's not just the power crews that are busy; businesses like Johnny's Tree Service in Jackson are working non-stop chopping fallen trees and clearing the streets.

"We've cleared some limbs off rooftops. We're just trying to get things cleaned up" says Garry Thornton.

Johnny's Tree Service vice president Cameron Smith says winter is not usually his company's busy time; he feels less than prepared but is ready for any job the city has for him.

"Winter is our slow season," Smith says.

Like Consumers Energy, Johnny's Tree Service will be working all week, cleaning up the pieces of a frigid storm. But with snow on the horizon this week, DeDoes says are no guarantees.

"All our restoration estimates are subject to being pushed back if we get more outages."